Take your viewers on an interactive journey

Call to Action is an extension that allows viewers to request specific actions or activities from the streamer in exchange for Bits.

Examples of such actions could be the streamer performing 10 sit-ups on camera or granting VIP status to a viewer. As a streamer, you determine in our backend which actions you want to perform in exchange for a given amount of Bits. Additionally, you have the option to apply a cooldown to your actions, allowing them to be get requested only once within a specified timeframe set by you. When a viewer request one of your predefined "Actions," a message from our bot, "Smartli_cta," will appear in the chat, notifying you as the streamer about the requested action and the viewer which was requesting the action. You are then required to perform the action. With Call to Action, we aim to provide streamers with the opportunity to engage their viewers interactively during their streams.

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Increase interactivity

The Call to Action extension allows you to increase interactivity in their Twitch stream and get viewers more involved.

Overview and statistics

Our dashboard may also offer functions for monitoring and evaluating the actions performed.

Easy to use

The setup is straightforward and remarkably fast. In just a few steps, you have the extension running in no time.

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Embed Call to Action

In order to use Call to Action you have to embed the Extension in your twitch panels

Manage your Actions

You can manage the actions from your extension within the smartli dashboard

To use Call to Action, follow these steps:
  1. Add the extension as a panel to your channel.
  2. Login with twitch here
  3. Go to the "Call to Action" page in the dashboard and create the actions you want to offer.
  4. You're done! The extension is now ready to be used.
No, the actions are purchased by the viewer. You will be notified in the chat, and it's up to you to manually execute the action. For example, it is not possible to automatically switch the chat to emote-only mode.
There are several reasons why the Smartli.me dashboard is used. Firstly, Call to Action is one of Smartli.me's services. On the other hand, developing a secure backend including API endpoint is not a simple matter, which is why we use the already finished backend and API.